The dirty little secret sales trainers don't want me to tell you...

Once upon a time, Steven and Daniel sat next to each other in my sales skills training class.  
Steven learned new skills, applied them and sold a bunch more stuff.
Daniel learned new skills, but didn't sell much at all.
That's when I learned the fascinating, hard truth about sales skills that would become the basis of my work... 

...curious about how the story ends?

I'm Merit and I'm going to let you in on the secret... 

If I go missing... it's because I'm about to anger a whole bunch of people who make a living selling sales training! 

Merit Kahn Gest, CSP

21 years of sales expertise. 
1,000+ clients across multiple industries. 
10+ years certified Emotional Intelligence expert.
1 of only 200 female Certified Speaking Professionals worldwide. 
12 stand-up comedy sets performed... and still counting.
What Merit's clients have to say...
"You’ve become my go to person when I need sound advice, a brain check on “what I may have done wrong in sales situations” or a path forward for something I am struggling with. I completely trust and respect you and your advice."
Jami Donohue
CEO, RAO Solutions
"I am running a commercial construction business so sales is just a part of what I do.  I look at this program through the eyes of a business owner and I'm telling you, this program is worth it for more than just sales professionals."
Ben Smith
VP, Diversified Builders
"I have worked with Merit for several years.  My company hired her years ago for sales skills training, then I hired her for coaching and I just completed Sales Mindset Mastery.  Merit is the real deal when it comes to sales mastery."
Desiree Wentland
Sr. Mine Solutions Leader, Maptek

The Merit Method for Sales Mastery 

The 3-Day Intensive for a  Lifetime of Sales Mastery 
You will walk out with a proven 5-step sales process, 90-day action plan and a sales mindset breakthrough that will allow you to consistently produce results.

Day 1: Mindset Mastery

Before mastering how to influence others it is critical to understand the influences at work on ourselves.  Your sales mindset is the foundation you layer skills and actions on top of.  All three parts of your sales mind must be solid.
  • Internal Mind- What we say to ourselves that sabotages sales success
  • Behavioral Mind- What our actions say to others we hope to influence
  • Emotional Mind- Understanding our own emotions and their impact

Day 2: Mechanics Mastery

Master the 5-mechanics of selling anything in any economy so that you can:
  • Protect your time and only invest energy in qualified prospects
  • Clearly articulate what you do in a way that resonates with prospects
  • Deepen relationships, get more referrals and close bigger deals

Day 3: Motion Mastery

Articulate your goals, create your game plan for growth and plan your strategy to bounce back from rejection faster than your competition.  . 
  • Walk out with 90-day action plan to get in motion to grow sales now
  • Identify metrics to track and your resilience strategy
The Low Down... who, when, where & how do I sign up?
Who is this intensive experience designed to serve?
People who write their own paycheck, including: 
- Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
- Professionals who have to grow their practice 
- Salespeople on commission
When & where will these intensives take place in 2019?
Denver:      February 28-March 2, 2019
Denver:      April 18-20, 2019
Chicago:    June 11-13, 2019
Denver:      September 19-21, 2019
Denver:      November 7-9, 2019
How much value will I receive?
- Emotional Intelligence assessment, $350 value
- One on one Emotional Intelligence assessment debrief, $500 value
- Sales Mindset Mastery course materials, $2,500 value
- Sales Technique Mastery course materials, $2,500 value
- Sales Accountability Mastery course materials, $1,500 value
- Two one-on-one 30-minute coaching calls, $750 value
- Invitation to 4 group coaching calls following intensive, $2,000 value

That's more than $10,000 in value!  

How do I sign up?

We appreciate your enthusiasm!  It's important that we talk first to make sure it's the right fit for both of us since we want all 15 participants in each intensive to get the best experience possible. 
Click the button to set up our conversation and get started on your path to sales mastery!

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